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I am Montelle.

Welcome to my diary of travel adventures, lifestyle antics & personal growth.

I’m a mindset, travel & lifestyle blogger. I aspire to travel the world, whilst learning and building an online empire. Here I share my experiences, inspiration and advice on creating the life you want.

"Inspiring you to create the life you want".

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Here's 5 daily habits you can do every day to be more positive | how to be positive | daily habits to improve your life


We all have those off days were our mood is lower than usual and we’re just not feeling it even if there’s no specific reason. It’s easy of just wanting to fall down the path of self pity but there are simple ways we can boost ourselves back up! Here are 5 daily habits you can…

How to get your life together in 10 minutes | 10 minute planner review | organise your life for 2019 | undated planner for 2019

How To Get Your Life Together In 10 Minutes – 10 Minute Planner Review 2019

Here’s how to get your life together in 10 minutes with the 10 minute planner. Is productivity your main focus for 2019? If you’re wanting to know how to get your life together, now is the time to find the perfect planner for 2019. I recently purchased the ’10-Minute Planner’ by Kornelia Wawrzynowicz and I’m…

If you feel you're in need of a social media detox, chances are you probably are. Here's 5 Signs It's Time For a Social Media Detox.

5 Signs It’s Time For A Social Media Detox

Is it time for a social media detox? Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling on social media, one app leading to another, then when you finally regain consciousness, you can’t remember what you was looking for in the first place? All that’s left is doubt and time wasted? Then it’s probably time for a detox.…

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