I am Montelle.

A 22 year old Yorkshire born, travel obsessed girl. I am currently on a journey to creating the life I want and deserve and hopefully I can inspire you to do the same.


I am a ex beauty vlogger turned travel enthusiast and lifestyle blogger.


My journey in the blogging world started all pretty with makeup, hair – the usual stuff. But after two years of trying to make this whole makeup thing work, and then quitting my job at MAC, I’ve finally realised it’s just not for me.


I’m tired of feeling unsatisfied. Tired of feeling like I am not good enough, because I was trying to force something I do not enjoy.


As a minorityin the blogging world, for the past two years I’ve felt limited and stuck in one category, that of course being beauty. 


“Who would want to see a young, black, travel vlogger, who also discusses positive mindset and personal growth?” I would ask myself.


The question is.. WHO WOULDN’T?


I aspire to travel the world, and plan to share my experiences, feelings, tips and advice along the way; I hope to empower and inspire young girls of our generation.


Where is my cute accent from?

I come from a small town called Leeds, West Yorkshire.


What camera do I use?

I use the Canon G7X Mark II camera, LOVE it! This camera is cute and compact so perfect for lightweight travelling, but the quality is amazing! Click here for a full list of all my resources and equiptment.


Why do I travel alone?

 I love travelling alone. Surprisingly, I do have friends lol. But just like many of you, I was sick of relying on other people to decide how I’m going to live my life. Equally I’m sick of always living on other peoples terms. Travelling alone allows me to explore the places I love whenever I want and experience new things I never would have being with another person.


Quote I live by?

Ah, I have two! So ofcourse my first one is

“Find Purpose, Live Light, Travel More” and secondly,

Make yourself a priority, you are your longest commitment.”

Latest On My Channel

Head over to my Youtube channel where I share personal growth and positive mindset tips, as well as travel inspo and vlogs. Plenty of content for you to binge on!

Check out my recommended Youtube resources here.

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I am available for collaborations, sponsored content, guest posts & more.

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