3 Tips For The Ultimate Spring Wardrobe Clear Out

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So if you’re anything like me, you have tons and tons of clothes piling up in your wardrobe, but yet you rotate between the same 3 pairs of jeans week in week out. Here are 3 tips for the ultimate wardrobe clear out.

Well would you look at that? A brand new season. Hello Spring! Three months into 2018 and I’m still feeling motivated and inspired as if it was new years only a couple days ago. Normally feelings start to fade but not this year! And more than anything, I am determined to get serious with my travel goals.

So if you read my previous post on 3 Things I’m Doing To Start 2018 Right, one of the things I said I’d be doing is having a clear out. Now I’m guesssing you’re in need of a clear out too which is why you’re reading this post. Don’t know where to start? Lets make a plan together.

– Revert back to #mission2018 step one. Buy a planner. 

I’ve scheduled in my clear out to take place throughout February March/April. It was initially scheduled for Feb but the way February escaped me is unbelievable. I mean I know it’s only 28 days long but yo! That was quick. But anyway, the clear out will now commence throughout March/April. This gives me enough time to deep clean my sections thoroughly without feeling rushed or pressured. In your planner you can easily assign days you plan to clear out what, create to-do lists etc. As I said earlier, there’s something about writing tasks down which make them become more of a must to achieve.

– Use the 6 month rule.

The 6 month rule means, if you haven’t used, acknowledged or even thought about something you come across when clearing out. G E T R I D.

We all are secret hoarders slyly. Holding onto anything and everything fully convincing ourselves we’d use it again one day. Lol. No. Honestly if you have something you haven’t used since you was 10, and you are holding onto the last bit of hope you will use/wear it again. Then here’s what you need to do. Right there and then write down exactly when and where you plan on using it. If you can’t manage to do that then… I think you know what to do.

– Sell your stuff online

I was never really a fan of selling things on eBay. I found it quite long and just not as easy as I’d like it to have been. Now online selling has been made so much easier with sites such as Depop and Etsy. I’ve used Depop personally (check out what I’m selling here!) which is basically the instagram for selling so it’s SUPER easy. I’ve managed to get quite a few bits shifted through Depop so I’d highly advise you to give it a try.



– Don’t forget charity shops/family members!

When having a clear out, I always make 3 separate piles. Charity shops, family/friends and lastly the BIN. If I have something that’s in a good condition and I can think of family/friends to give it to, then thats definitely the first stop. But if not then it goes in the charity shop pile. When sending things to a charity shop, just bare in mind these things get resold so they have to still be in a decent condition (no dirty knickers lol). So anything that’s literally hanging by it’s last thread just bin.


Really hope this post helped kickstart your clear out! Let me know what clear out tips you have! And also be sure to check out my Depop! I’m selling everything for under £15!



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April 24, 2018 at 1:29 am

Hi Montelle! This is my first time reading a blog post from you and let me just say, I am just obsessed with your blog. It’s so pretty and the topics are very informative.

I really appreciated this post, I never tried Depressed and I’m really curious to learning more about it. Going to look into it right now 🤗 Thanks for sharing!

April 24, 2018 at 1:00 pm
– In reply to: Natonya

Hey Natonya, thank you so much! Glad you’re enjoying my blog 🙂 I’ll check out yours now also. Xx

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