21st Birthday In Majorca

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Last year I got the privilege of spending my birthday with my best friend Janay in Majorca. And we absolutely loved it! This just so happened to be our first (of many) holidays together.

We flew from Manchester Airport, UK and landed in Palma De Mallorca. The flight itself was approximately 2hr 40mins, which wasn’t tooo bad tbh. Although, I do wish we got an early morning flight! Getting a evening flight is NEVER a good idea because you end up wasting a whole day travelling!

We spent four nights and five days in the beautiful Can Picafort, which is around 50 mins away from the island’s capital Palma, and a further 30 mins away from Brit’s no1 party hotspot Magaluf. We stayed at Grupotel Farrutx Hotel which is a beautiful franchised 4* hotel. We expected the hotel to be nice, but not THAT nice! The hospitality was amazing, the hotel was clean and chilled. We didn’t really spend much time at the hotel but the time we did spend was relaxing and comfortable.


The locals were lovely and very accommodating to us. We managed to meet a few guys who kindly showed us the hotspots of Mallorca, they also helped to make the overall experience what it was.

Overall, this was more of a chilled holiday for me and Janay. Exactly what we wanted. We spent most days exploring the island, trying new foods, meeting new people and most of all just enjoying each others company in the sun. We managed to hire a car day 3 through to day 5, which really made our holiday the experience it was. This allowed us to travel from place to place and see what Mallorca was really about. We explored Palma and Alcudia which aren’t too far away, and I also got the privilege of driving up mountains, which was definately an experience!

Majorca, you was great! See you again next year?


Don’t forget to watch the full vlog on my channel here.


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