A Mini Cruise To Amsterdam with Outgoing

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Fancy planning a trip to Amsterdam for you and your friends, but not sure where to start?

If you’re visiting Amsterdam for the first time, you’ve probably heard all about the bikes, canals, red light district, and of course weed. But how do you cram it all in?

Amsterdam couldn’t be made easier when booking the trip with Outgoing, they arrange everything from your travel, accommodation and attractions. All you have to do is pay! Outgoing will then send you a handy email of the full trip itinerary with timings to make the trip as smooth as possible.



Getting There

If you’re in the UK, Amsterdam is really not that far. A flight to Amsterdam would take you approximately 1 hour (or less) from pretty much anywhere in the UK. However, if you’re really wanting the add to your experience, I’d recommend you catching a ferry over!

I travelled over to Amsterdam on the DFDS Ferry from Newcastle. This was my first time on a ferry and wasn’t quite sure what to expect but was presently surprised! The ferry service is much more relaxed than an Airport – yay to more liquids!



The ferry has great facilities on board – They have two restaurants, a Starbucks cafe, tax-free gift shop, kids play area and more! They also have a nightclub, bar AND cinema. I think the facilities are fantastic and offer something for everyone so it’s difficult to get bored!

BUDGET TIP: I would HIGHLY advise bringing your own food onto the ferry, unless you want to be set back $30 euros on a meal. Tbh I was disappointed at the lack of catering on the ferry. It’s either you spend $30 euros on a sit-down meal, or don’t eat at all! There is no in-between. No sandwiches, no quick meals, nothing. So be warned!


Arriving In Amsterdam

After spending your first night living it up on ferry, once you arrive in Amsterdam your itinerary will provide you with times, locations, and requirements for what to do next.

The first day you arrive in Amsterdam will be pretty chill. You’ll be given some time to first check into your hotel/hostel and get settled in. Then you can go out wandering and familiarise your self with the local amenities close by.


Bike Tours

First up on the itinerary is your bike tours with @KingBikes! For someone who has been to Amsterdam multiple times but never got round to doing bike tours, I’m so pleased it’s included in the Outgoing itinerary!

The bike tour is approximately 2hrs long, and I know what you’re probably thinking – 2 hours?! I am going to DIE.

I thought that too but it isn’t non-stop biking, there is regular stops where your tour guide will show you the main attractions of Amsterdam (and for you to catch your breath!). A few of the main attractions include the Anne Frank Huis, Dam Square and infamous Red Light District, so you’ll be clued up on all the interesting facts about Amsterdam.

Whether you’re a regular biker or haven’t rode a bike since you were 2 years old, I can assure you will have sooo much fun once you get the hang of it.



Canal Cruise

After spending the day biking through Amsterdam, your shoulders will most likely be killing at this point! The canal cruise is a great way to relax whilst still seeing what Amsterdam has to offer. The canal cruise last’s around 1 hr and shows you AMAZING views of Amsterdam.

You can either stick the headphones in and listen to the guided tour – or just spend the time socialising with your friends and getting them Instagram shots!  – I’m sure you know what option I chose 😛



Bar Crawls

If you’re looking for a party in Amsterdam, Outgoing has you covered! The itinerary offers you a range of bar crawls, clubs and happy hours. It highlights all the hotspots of Amsterdam for you to try out and also has extra specialised offers for you to take advantage of. The night-life in Amsterdam is definitely like no other so it’s guarenteed to give you stories to tell.


Booking your trip with Outgoing gives you an amazing itinerary with loads to chose from, however it’s not restricted to JUST that. If there’s something you’ve been dying to check out in Amsterdam then go for it. You don’t have to do everything on the itinerary if you’re not feeling it.


Here’s some other things for you to try…..



Canals, canals and more canals! Every corner you look, you’re guaranteed to see a canal! Make sure you take this opportunity to get that perfect Instagram shot!



Amsterdam is FULL of interesting, quirky and historic museums. A few of my favourites would be Anne Frank House, Ripleys Believe It OR Not, and Sex Museum. Outgoing provide various offers and discounts for a range of museums so check out what suits you!



If you’re a bit of a foodie, Amsterdam has you covered! There are loads of food markets to explore, offering many unique and wonderful flavours for you to indulge in. You could spend easily spend an afternoon on a food tour in Amsterdam and not only will you’re stomach be full, the experience will teach you so much more about the culture.



So… How do you book a trip with Outgoing and become and Group Leader?

It’s simple, just head over to Outgoing.com > How It Works and follow and easy instructions. Once you’ve decided on the destination and received a quote, you’re officially a group leader! Outgoing then will come out and meet you personally, and provide you with all the necessary tools to support you trip!

All you have to do is round up your people and hop on board!





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