First Time In Amsterdam – What I Did And Didn’t Expect.

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Hello new year, hello Amsterdam! With travel heavy on the agenda for this year. What better way to start than with a quick weekend trip to Amsterdam?

If Amsterdam isn’t on your travel bucket list for 2018, I’d probably add it on (preferably in summer lol). I visited Amsterdam for the first time this year and I loved it. I’d describe it as the perfect place to take a step back, chill out and let the world pass you by (whether that’s being high or not lol). And with numerous attractions and endless coffeeshops, you can have all the chilling time you need.

Whether you go for 3/4 days (which is what I did) or go for a longer period, there’s certainly more than enough to do. The city itself is very quirky and full of character. From odd angled houses to colourful brick work and statues, walking around Amsterdam will definitely leave you intrigued.

First things first.. Can we talk about how CUTE our apartment was?

Plantage Garden Apartments, Amsterdam. Beautiful apartment! I would highly recommend staying. But you've got to be quick! Vacancies for these apartments wait for no-one!

Plantage Garden Apartments, Amsterdam.

It’s not always possible to stay in apartments when travelling on a budget, but if you manage to find the perfect deal then don’t think twice! Our apartment was the girly dream. Spacious, modern, cute interior.. What more could we ask for? Stepping back into this warm, cosy apartment after a long day exploring Amsterdam was heaven! Plantage Garden apartment offers quick access to Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and many more. The apartment is around a 10-15 min uber ride away from the centre.


Visiting Amsterdam for the first time? It's true what everyone says. The city is beautiful and full of character. Here's what I did and didn't expect to see.

What I did expect

  1. Weed. Amsterdam is notoriously known for being the capital of weed lol. There’s currently over 175 coffeeshops that remain in Amsterdam, which is half the number that existed in the Nineties (imagine!). Most coffeeshops have a weed menu, which gives DETAILED info of what kind of high you will experience. As I expected to see weed, it wasn’t that much of a shock to me. What I did find bizarre is how frowned upon cigarettes were compared to weed. When in the UK it’s the complete opposite lol. It also did find it slightly odd how people were just smoking in broad daylight and nobody looked twice at the sight or smell of the drug.

Prostitutes. So I can’t be the only one who was not impressed by the Red Light District. At all. Don’t get me wrong it was interesting to see but impressive? Not at all. The only thing that runs through my head seeing sex workers is “I really hope you’re getting some serious money for this”. Standing naked in a window all day and night in freezing Amsterdam? Just that bit alone I couldn’t dream of. Each to their own anyway.

3. Food. A city that openly welcomes weed, just HAS to have some of the best food spots. Munchies? Lol. I expected the food in Dam to be nice but OMG not that nice. I can’t really say we ate anything that extravagant. We just stuck to street food mainly, but the street food was amazing! My fav spot was Dum Dum Palace.

What I Didn’t Expect

1. FREEZING. So I expected Amsterdam to be cold. But NOT. THAT. COLD. Wow just the thought of it makes me shiver lol. Winter is a nice time to visit Dam but be prepared!! Don’t be like me lol thinking it would be like UK cold, which is still kind of bearable when wearing a cute outfit. WRAP UP, WRAP UP then WRAP UP AGAIN.

2. Traffic System. Amsterdam is confusing as hell! You have cars coming from one side, trams the next and not to forget BIKES flying around from all angles. You literally have to turn into an owl when crossing the roads lol, you feel like your head’s doing a full 360 looking in literally every angle. Please be safe when crossing roads people it’s no joke!

3. Black people. Boy have I never felt more at home haha! So many black people?! When and where did you come from? Tbh, it was my first time visiting so I couldn’t really judge but I can definitely say I was not expecting so many black people to be residing in Amsterdam. Especially because it’s soooooo cold. Us black people don’t do cold haha.

Until next time Amsterdam.


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