Knaves Kitchen – 100% Vegan Street Food

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So I was recently invited down to try the new 100% Vegan Street Food Menu at Knaves Kitchen, Leeds.

Serving vegan fried ‘chicken’ and plant based junk food, the unique menu at Knaves Kitchen is definitely not one to miss. The menu is very compact, listed in three sections and includes options such as Seitan (meat substitute protein), tofu and onion bhaji burgers. They even have a ‘Mill Hill’ kebab inspired by the infamous take away in Leeds.. (I meannn, can you even imagine lol).

‘Down n’ Dirty Vegan Food’


Seitan is a wheat protein that looks, feels and tastes like real meat. With some of the dishes I could barely taste the difference. This was my first time trying vegan food and I must say I was impressed with the flavour. It really cleared up the common misconception that vegan food is ‘boring and bland’. Knaves Kitchen has really switched up offering chicken, burgers and kebabs as opposed to lentils, quinoa and kale!


On The Menu….

Seitan ‘Fish’ Finger Wrap with Tartare Sauce, Shredded Iceburg in a Soft Flour Wrap – £5.50

Simply Vegan Buffalo Wings

These were definitely a favourite for me and I felt they mimicked the real thing the most. If you’re not sure whether you’re keen on vegan food or not yet, these two are a perfect place to start! Take it from me – you will be surprised lol.


The ‘Mill Hill’ special – Grilled Seitan, hummus, tahini, lettuce, pickles and extra chilli sauce bro – £6.50

Satay – Crispy tofu, peanut sauce, sweet Thai pickles – £5.50

After hearing many horror stories about traditional kebabs, I haven’t really been a fan of them in a loooong time. So I was abit skeptical to try this and had to constantly remind myself its not actually meat lol. I did enjoy how flavourful the kebab was (it was SPICY!), however I did feel like the texture was just slightly different.

Katsu Curry – Breaded tofu, Japanese style curry sauce, toasted sesame seeds – £5.95

Vegan Deep Fried Dough Balls

By the time it got to desert (another favourite of mine) I had already fully entered a food coma lol. The struggle to finish these was real! But they were so good! If you have a sweet tooth then these definitely will be up your street!


Knaves Kitchen is a great pop up spot for both vegans and non-vegans. I would definitely recommend it if you’re wanting to try something new!

Don’t forget to check out Knaves Kitchen’s menu here.

I wanna know if you’ve tried vegan food, and if so, what’s your favourite dish!?

Let me know I’d love to try more 🙂



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