LUXURY HOSTEL IN BANGKOK! First Time Using AirBNB! | Sunkiss Hostel Tour

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Are you still under the impression that hostels are cheap, grimy rooms mainly located down backstreets?  

This luxury hostel in Bangkok will convince you to make a hostel stay next on your list! 



The hosts

Before we even get into the hostel it’s self.. I must mention how AMAZING the hosts were. The cutest couple ever.

Supaporn and Ron made me feel instantly welcome and did everything to make me comfortable throughout the whole stay. From escorting me to destinations, to chasing down taxi’s and preparing DELICIOUS breakfast’s (you must try the fried rice!). They really out did themselves with the customer service.

The Hostel

When first booking the Airbnb, the fact it has no reviews was slightly concerning and it could easily of been something too good to be true. However considering it said “NEW” I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. Initially I had booked a hostel to stay in, but after travelling for over 17 hours, having to convesate and share a room with strangers is the last thing I wanted to be doing. After not much thought I cancelled that booking and jumped onto Sunkiss.

I was pleasantly surprised when arriving at Sunkiss. The rooms were extremely clean, light and airy. This is great because it made the room very spacial BUT also made it easy for us to spot Gekos which may have been hiding lol.

The whole aesthetic made me happy. Very instagrammable.

The is definitely what you call a LUXURY hostel.

You can book your stay at Sunkiss Hostel here.

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Sunkiss hostel is located in the Khet Taling Chan area, North West of Bangkok. This area is popular for the infamous Khet Taling Chan floating market. The surrounding area of Sunkiss is quite reserved and populated by locals. I didn’t see any tourists here… at all. 

This is a perfect location if you are wanting a peaceful short stay Bangkok which isn’t too overcrowded or flooded with tourists. However if you are a budget backpacker, wanting to experience the main tourist attractions, this may not be so ideal.



Unless you hire a car or scooter, you will have pretty much everywhere via taxi. The closest train station is called Bangwa and is approx 10 minute taxi ride away, costing around 90-100฿. 

Train from Bangkok City to Bangwa Station will be around 60฿.

A bus to from Bangkok City to Sunkiss hostel would be around 20฿. (Honestly I never used the bus during my stay, I don’t even think I saw one! The locals and hosts also didn’t recommend to travel by the bus).


Final Thoughts…

Overall, I’d say this was an extremely pleasant stay at Sunkiss hostel. I would highly recommend staying here, however just take in to consideration the points mentioned regarding travel if you are on a budget.

You can book your stay at Sunkiss here

Be sure to also check out Sai Tai Night Market, which is approx 5 minute walk. Great food, cheap clothes and a nice vibe 🙂



Is this not the most beautiful hostel you’ve seen?! Drop me a comment and let me know!





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